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Founded in 1998, CityProperties is one of Greece’s leading property agents, and our experience gives us wide-ranging professional and local knowledge. We take pride in providing best-in-class advice and services, as we help individuals, businesses and organizations make better property decisions and settle in the Greek environment.

Excellent Property

For more than 20 years we have been advising on buying, and renting a property, from suburban homes to city center offices or apartments, plots of land to new-build developments.

Turn-Key Solutions

Just find a house is one thing, but finding a home to live in the right area and have a pleasant stay in Athens, is a Team effort, and we are walking with you from A2Z.

After-Sales Service

Moving into a new house usually means additional services in the rehabilitation and repair department, in order to transform your new home into the place where you want to live.

Expert Advice

Our role is to create and provide integrated solutions for expatriates and foreign residents by connecting them with a broad range of tested, highly skilled professionals and services.

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